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“Don’t blow it! Good planets are hard to find”

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Romina is a great advocate of environmental conservation and our entire manufacturing activity takes place with regards to our beautiful planet. We believe that offering future generations the best furniture is not enough as long as we don’t make everything in our powers to preserve their environment as well.

We are actively involved in recycling and energy conservation activities; furthermore we have implemented Eco-certification requirements for our wood suppliers as well as recycling and energy waste policies at our manufacturing plant near Bucharest, Romania. It is also very important to know that Romina Furniture has a “sister” company which proudly produces bio-fuel (Ethanol) from renewable sources.

Romina requires all wood suppliers to comply with the European Treaty for Beech Re-Harvesting which stipulates that 5 new beech trees must be planted for each one exploited. Advanced certification is required prior to contractual agreements.

All waste resulted in the manufacturing process is used as fuel for our wood burning heating system in the winter season as well as when temperature drops below the 20 degrees Celsius inside our temperature and humidity controlled manufacturing facility.

Special software is used in the design process for minimizing wood waste, furthermore all supply ordering process follows a manufacturing optimization process.

All cardboard use for packing purposes is supplied from recycled sources.

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