Month: June 2018

The brand new Uptown Collection

Published by on June 29, 2018

Uptown is coming to your town. Very soon. Mid-Century meets Modern Rustic who was walking along with Minimalist Urban and their heading together Uptown. Inspired by the clean lines of the 1950s but often updated with modern features of today’s sophisticated lifestyle, the Mid-Century design is experiencing a period of revival and vast appeal. Could it be the organic clean lines, the juxtaposition of different materials and patterns and colors or the expressive simplicity that is driving this wave of popularity? Nobody can put her finger on it but today’s customer seems to digest the mid-century in all different shapes and forms from clothing fashion to home decor and lifestyle. Uptown Collection is born with a mid-century heart but its overall expression incorporates technological advances of today’s world with soft-closing drawers and European […]