Month: November 2017

Heirloom Furniture

Published by on November 22, 2017

Quality is a Journey, a journey made of experiences, little and big things that come along the way. Quality products add value to our lives and they make for an amazing Journey, yet often go unnoticed in the ocean of commodities which is today’s world. Many thanks to Mandy @politeasfudge for the shout out and for being so gracious, and super polite in writing this post. This is a tree story (see what we did here, tree/true ☺) Passing Down Quality Nursery Furniture Through the Family We love the style of our Romina Ventianni furniture set,  but the most important part for us is that this company makes the highest quality handcrafted furniture, is baby safe and eco-friendly and is certified non-toxic.  This set will be in our family forever. When I was pregnant with Scarlet eight years ago, […]

Scarlet's Ventianni Room